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SMC 7/8" Aluminum Brake Bar - Angled Slot
SMC 7/8" Aluminum Brake Bar - Angled Slot
Item #smc12201
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The SMC 7/8" Angled Slot Aluminum Brake Bar is machined from solid aluminum stock, these bars give you maximum friction and good wear characteristics. The angled slot helps keep bars stay once it has been snapped in place. Lighter than stainless steel bars, these larger 7/8'' bars have all but replaced earlier 3/4'' versions.

Weight: 1.9 oz (54g)

Aluminum vs. stainless steel?

Aluminum is lighter Aluminum is less costly Aluminum provides greater levels of friction. Stainless steel is more durable, handles additional heat developed under heavy loads and on longer rappel. Stainless steel allows for a smoother/faster rappel. Stainless steel helps keep ropes “cleaner” and lasts longer. Why use the different styles of bars?

Tie-Off Bars provide added friction/control and facilitate lock-off of rope to maintain position and/or hold a load. Bars with the “training” groove are be used as 1st or 2nd bar to help keep ropes aligned properly. Bars with angled slot are designed to “snap” onto rack frame for more secure placement. Bars with straight slot are designed for added safety so that the rack may not be loaded backwards. U shaped stainless steel bars are designed to help dissipate heat and reduce weight. (Note– please refer to warning on the use of U shaped bars with tie-off bars.) FEATURES AND BENEFIITS

SMC Brake Bars are aluminum or stainless steel and available in a variety of styles and sizes. SMC Aluminum brake bars are available in two diameters– 3/4” and 7/8”. (Note that the 3/4” and 1” are being phased out) SMC Aluminum brake bars available with straight or angled slot and with or without “training” groove. SMC Stainless steel brake bars are available as U-shaped or tubular style and with or without a “training” groove. SMC Stainless steel Tie-Off Bars (aka Hyperbars) are designed to facilitate quick and easy lock-off. SMC Stainless steel Tie-off Bars aid in creating greater compression on other bars for better friction control. SMC racks & bars may be purchased separately so that the user may have a greater range of set-up configurations tailored to meet their individual needs for non-NFPA applications and as replacement parts. IMPORTANT CAUTIONARY NOTE– Do not use a Tie-Off Bar to slow your descent when using the U-shape brake bars as the friction resulting when the rope passes over the straight edge of the brake bar may cause excessive wear and/or damage to the rope with the potential for system failure.